Yes-No Questions Past Tense (Simple)

Yes-No Questions Past Tense (Simple)

This is the (Simple) version of Yes-No questions using mostly the past tense. Are you looking for the Yes-No Questions Present tense (Simple) version or the higher level Yes-No Questions Grammar version?

Simple Key
= wrong = right
= “Yes, …” = “No, …”
Q: = Question A: = Answer

Answer = ‘Yes’ or ‘No’

Q: Did you play baseball?
A: Yes, I did (play baseball).
A: No, I didn’t (play baseball).

No Wh- question word

Who, What, When, Where Why, How, Which

Q: Who was your best friend in high school?
A: Jane was my best friend in high school.
A: Yes was my best friend.
A: No was my best friend.
Yes-No Question? =

Q: Was Jane your best friend in high school?
A: Yes, Jane was my best friend in high school.
A: No, Jane wasn’t my best friend in high school.
Yes-No Question? =

Begin with a Helping Verb

The three most popular ‘helping verbs’ are:

  • did
  • was / were
  • had

Q: Did you know Jane in middle school?
A: Yes, I knew Jane in middle school.
A: No, I didn’t know Jane in middle school.

Q: Were you home yesterday?
A: Yes, I was.
A: No, I wasn’t.

Q: Had you seen Titanic before we watched it today?
A: Yes, I had (seen it).
A: No, I hadn’t (seen it).

Image of a Titanic movie poster.

Or Begin with a Modal Verb

Some popular ‘modals’ are:

  • could
  • would
  • should
  • may

Q: Could you drive when you were 16 years old?
A: Yes, I could.
A: No, I couldn’t.

Q: Would you have gone to the party last Friday if you had known?
A: Yes, I would have.
A: No, I wouldn’t have.

Q: Should I have seen Avatar?
A: Yes, you should have.
A: No, you shouldn’t have.

Q: May I use your eraser?
A: Yes, you may.
A: No, you may not!
Past tense? =

That’s it! That’s the simple version of Yes-No questions in English using the past tense. Most of the examples are in the past tense (but not all of them). Do you want the same lesson with the verbs in the present tense? Check out Yes-No Questions Present Tense (Simple) version.