Smart Choice Starter

This is an image of the Smart Choice Starter ESL book cover.Use the following outline of lessons if your English class is using the Smart Choice Starter textbook from Oxford written by Ken Wilson and Thomas Healy. The lessons are matched with the units from the Smart Choice Starter book.

Unit 1 – Be verb

Unit 2 – Questions

Unit 3 – This, that, these, those

Unit 4 – Likes

Unit 5 – Present Tense Sentences and Questions

Unit 6 – Can, Can’t

Unit 7 – Present Continuous

Unit 8 – There is, there are

Unit 9 – On, across from, next to, on the corner of, between

Unit 10 – Count, Noncount and Some vs Any

Unit 11 – Past Tense Be verb

Unit 12 – Past Tense, Irregular Verbs and Questions