Pronunciation Tip: Man, Men, Woman, Women

Here’s a quick pronunciation tip: how to pronounce ‘man’ vs ‘men’ and ‘woman’ vs ‘women’.

Man is a singular noun meaning ‘one male person’. So you could say ‘a man’ or ‘one man’. Men is a plural noun meaning ‘more than one male person’. ‘Some men’ or ‘four men’. The difference in pronunciation is heard in the difference in spelling.

But the tricky part is the difference in pronunciation of woman and women. The spelling is the same in the first part (wo-), and different in the second half (woMAN vs woMEN). However for pronunciation, the difference is in the FIRST PART! This is important.

Watch the video below to see full explanation of the difference in pronunciation of ‘man’ vs ‘men’ and ‘woman’ vs ‘women’.