In Focus 1

Here are links to movies to watch online that accompany the topics of the units in the ESL textbook In Focus 1 published by Cambridge.

Unit Topic Movie
Unit 7 Online Advertising: Making our Lives Better? The Corporation
Unit 8 Winning at Any Cost Bigger, Stronger, Faster
(the end of the movie)
Unit 9 Do You Want to Live Forever? Eat, fast, live longer
Unit 10 I Lost my Job to a Machine! 2057: City of the Future
Unit 11 Treatment of Animals The Witness
Unit 12 Who Owns the News? Network

Discussion Questions for In Focus 1

Each set of discussion questions is related to the topics presented in the units of the book, In Focus 1 (Cambridge). Most of the discussion questions are high-level and require deeper thought and possibly higher-level vocabulary. However, each set of discussion questions contains “lighter” questions that are easier to answer.

Unit Topic
Unit 7 Advertising Discussion Questions
Unit 8 Competition Discussion Questions
Unit 9 Live Longer and Technology
Unit 10 Live Longer and Technology
Unit 11 Animal Rights