Pronunciation Tip: Man, Men, Woman, Women

Here’s a quick pronunciation tip: how to pronounce ‘man’ vs ‘men’ and ‘woman’ vs ‘women’. Man is a singular noun meaning ‘one male person’. So you could say ‘a man’ or ‘one man’. Men is a plural noun meaning ‘more than one male person’. ‘Some men’ or ‘four men’. The difference in pronunciation is heard in the(…)

Top 5 Most Useful English Tenses for Speaking

Top 5 Most Useful English Tenses for Speaking

If you really want to improve your English, no matter what level you currently are, you need to master the basics. If you aren’t speaking simple sentences and asking simple questions perfectly, you won’t sound fluent. You need to learn useful english first. My good friend from Belgium speaks more than 5 languages fluently (French, English,(…)

Common English Greetings

How to greet people in English. We don’t always say “How are you?” – “I’m fine, thank you and you?” If you want to sound like a native American English speaker, you should learn a few common English greetings. Here are the most common English greetings that native speakers ask. ps: this was when my(…)