Pronunciation Tip: Man, Men, Woman, Women

Here’s a quick pronunciation tip: how to pronounce ‘man’ vs ‘men’ and ‘woman’ vs ‘women’. Man is a singular noun meaning ‘one male person’. So you could say ‘a man’ or ‘one man’. Men is a plural noun meaning ‘more than one male person’. ‘Some men’ or ‘four men’. The difference in pronunciation is heard in the(…)

Pronunciation: F vs P

The pronunciation of the English [F] and [P] consonant sounds can be tricky, especially for native Asian language speakers. These two difficult consonant sounds do not sound the same. To better understand how to pronounce the English [F] and [P] consonant sounds, watch the video “Pronunciation: F vs P” and make sure to repeat after me.   [F] sound [V](…)